About Daily Hero

Have you ever wanted to know more about the DC and Marvel comic Multiverse, but never knew where to start? Or perhaps you didn’t have the motivation to go through tons and tons on webpages? Then Daily Hero is your solution.

What it does

With Daily Hero, you’ll get the opportunity to learn more about the DC and Marvel Multiverse everyday, with no effort required from you. Daily Hero updates each day (Internet connection not required) with information about a DC or Marvel superhero or supervillain for you to expand your knowledge on the DC and Marvel Multiverse.

The daily information includes:

Daily Hero is the perfect way to start learning about so many interesting comic characters not yet seen in the movies, and also gives you a chance to see a few silly characters to give you a laugh. Newbies to the comic world also have an advantage, as a few more ͞common͟ characters have been included in Daily Hero to get them started. The trivia included can also be surprising every once in a while. Daily Hero requires no internet connection and will give you daily information for over 6 months. That’s over 200 days’ worth of comic book world facts.

Daily Hero - The app for comic book fans